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Contact us today! We use only the highest grades of fence material and each type comes with the best warranty available in it's class.

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Texarkana Fence will warranty any defects in workmanship for the life of the fence. This covers installation errors only. Fence materials will change appearance, dimension and shape due to the process of aging and exposure to the elements.

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2 Tier-Plan

Service Contracts available in Texarkana for Texas & Arkansas and surrounding counties.

Service & Maintenance

A gate that is regularly maintained will last longer and be less prone to untimely failures. Texarkana Fence & Access Control is pleased to offer GATE SAVER Level 1 and Level 2 service contracts for
your automatic gate system.

Every system requires its own level of maintenance which is primarily dependent on its usage and
environmental conditions. Residential, commercial, community and extreme usage swing, slide and barrier
gate systems are serviced. Standard or full service agreements are offered on every installation, providing
peace of mind, security and first priority of response accordingly.

Level 1GATE SAVER Service Only Plan: Service Only Plan includes scheduled semi-annual on-site
tune ups, plus two service incidents per year (an incident may require multiple service calls relating to the
primary repair, such as returning to replace non-stock items or re-calibration after the new part is installed).
Parts extra.
Level 2GATE SAVER SERVICE + PLAN: Service+ Plan includes all of Level 1 provisions, in addition to
parts supplied at a dramatic discount. Service+ Plan clients typically receive parts at 10% -15% above our


Of course, customers are not required to be a service contract holder in order to receive quality
service and maintenance for their gate system from Texarkana Fence & Access Control. In the
event a Level 1 or 2 plan does not exist however, customers are then responsible for initiating the call to
schedule the service or maintenance visit. In addition, a per visit service charge (or trip charge) shall apply,
plus 100% time, materials and parts required to complete the repair (if necessary). For first priority response
and the best value, we recommend our GATE SAVER SERVICE+ PLAN.
In the event you have a unique situation (such as an extreme usage gate system) that requires a level of
support beyond our standard plans, please call us to request a custom plan. We will be happy to evaluate
your situation for qualification.

Types of Systems We Service

TEXARKANA FENCE & ACCESS CONTROL services Texarkana and surrounding counties & Parishes in
Texas, Arkansas, Louisiana and Oklahoma. All other areas will be considered on a case-by-case basis and
determined by distance and frequency requirements. The following categories describe the types of gate
systems maintained.

Residential Gates:

  • Systems with single or double automated gates

Commercial or Community Gates:

  • Systems with single or double automated gates
  • Systems with exit and entrance gates, or multiple entrances/exits

Extreme Usage Gates:

  • Storage unit gates
  • Community or apartment gates that serve 30 or more homes/units

Semi-Annual Tune Ups for Your Gate Operators:

Semi-annual on-site tune ups include required lubrication of moving parts, tightening and tensioning of
springs, chains, wheels, belts, and bolts. Operator will have the safety clutches re-calibrated. Safety devices
will also be tested and adjusted for proper operation. In addition, we will clean out all enclosures and remove
any insects or animals that may be nesting inside the operator. The gate operator equipment will be washed
and cleaned. The entire installation and all components will be inspected for wear in order to help prevent
future system failures.