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Contact us today! We use only the highest grades of fence material and each type comes with the best warranty available in it's class.

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Texarkana Fence will warranty any defects in workmanship for the life of the fence. This covers installation errors only. Fence materials will change appearance, dimension and shape due to the process of aging and exposure to the elements.

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Commercial fencing adds security, privacy, and functionality to your property.

24074_104561819586492_468236_nTexarkana Fence is an experienced commercial fence contractor. We have installed custom fence applications for hotels, sports venues, school districts, local power companies, railroads, and several other industrial applications. Because of our expertise, we can tailor a proposal to meet any bid need or RFP requirements. Texarkana Fence understands that last minute issues are a fact of life in commercial projects, which is why we prepare for those eventualities and are committed to meeting tight deadlines for our commercial clients.

We offers a full line of commercial and industrial fences in several grades, heights, and colors, with or without barbed wire. We also offer razor wire.

We offer complete and professional installation as well as other commercial and industrial products such as:

  • Bollard post
  • Indoor fencing and cages
  • Dumpster enclosures
  • Guard rails
  • Hand rails
  • Pedestrian turnstiles
  • Full line of commercial/industrial gates up to & including fully automated cantilever and transporter gates

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